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Charly Miller Responds to Lies and Disinformation Campaign Against Her

Update: Charly Miller's website is back up, thanks to the courage of Project DoD, who will not be intimidated by baseless threats.

Another target of the same disinformation campaign I have been subjected to is Charly Miller. The reason for this is that Charly Miller has an excellent website on restraint asphyxia filled with solid citations and evidence on the dangers of certain methods of restraint. Her resume reveals that she is very highly qualified in her field.

One of her webpages is about her views, as an expert on restraint asphyxia, on Ronald Federici's methods, as described in his book, Help for the Hopeless Child. To see the restraint method illustrated in Federici’s book, go to the book’s site on Amazon: on “Look Inside” and search in the book for “SEQUENCE ONE HOLDING” and go to where this phrase appears on p…